3 Runs, One Post

In advance of my Mexico trip, I had a hectic week. Even though I didn’t find time to blog about my runs, I did find the time to get them in.
Monday, after my first, brutal, 7 mile run, I stepped onto a treadmill to test out my new “Beast” shoes. Steph took some (boring but apparently informative) video of me running for Sherry to evaluate. I ran a nice easy 5k on the treadmill that day. Some struggle with the new shoes, some fight with those slowly fading shin splints, but a good run, and done in 40:04. Since it shows only my nice strong legs and not my huffing, puffing, reddened struggle to keep 265lbs of Don moving, I’m embedding it here.

Tuesday’s rest day was really welcome, and I gave the shins some ice and advil and begged them for reprieve for Wednesday. Wednesday was going to be a test of my motivation, because I basically had to drive past the house on the way to the gym (I had a haircut, gotta look good for vacation pictures!). Despite the great temptation to call off, I made it to the gym with the standard promises of, in order;

“I will just go to the gym and see Steph.”
“Well, I’m here, I’ll just get dressed and see if I want to run.”
“I’ll get a treadmill and run a mile. I can stop if I feel bad.”
“Just one more mile, Steph isn’t even done with class yet.”

Now that’s as far as it got, admittedly, but two miles is two miles, and I didn’t slack off.
Thursday’s cross-train, on the other hand, was doomed. I had to pick up my new glasses (Gotta be able to see on vacation, I have 6 books to read!), and at 8pm I had a total nerd appointment to play World of Warcraft for the final step of earning myself and Steph some highly prestigious, and cool looking, flying skeletal dragons. Since most of you know nothing about WoW, I assure you, you should be very impressed.
I'm an awesome nerd.
Friday’s pace run could have also suffered; that last day of work before vacation always runs late for me, and with the end of Daylight Savings Time it’s now basically pitch dark before I even get in the car to go home. It’s one thing to go running at sunset and watch the sky darken, or before daybreak knowing it will brighten as I go, it’s another to set out in inky blackness and know that it will be that way the whole run. Still, with some great encouragement from Stephanie, and a running gift from VoT member Annette (pics forthcoming!) I felt motivated enough to get out the door. I’m really glad I did, because it was a solid pace run with approximate mile splits of 12:56, 11:57, 11:48 and 10:58. Getting out into the night is hard, but running across the dark, undeveloped road in my subdivision, surrounded by the black-blue sky and the starlight was a positive, buoying experience. It wasn’t even cold, for November. I set out wearing my gloves and windbreaker over a sleeveless tank top and ended up gloveless and wishing I could ditch the jacket by shortly into mile 3. It’s good to bracket my reaction to temperatures, so I don’t end up hauling a snow parka to the Turkey Trot just to end up crossing the finish line naked as a jaybird.

This was a pretty gentle week, but I’m comfortable with that. My shin splints were completely absent in my pace run on Friday, and that’s how I want it to be going into this last long slow distance run Monday, and then into my 10 day taper to the 10k. I also heard from a vacationer who said he ran every morning at the resort where we’re staying, and never felt unsafe, so I’m excited to run my last 7 mile run through the streets of Playa Del Carmen.


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