Seven Miles

Holy crap my legs hurt.

I’m glad that I’m at the peak of my distance extending, because man, are my legs drained.

As soon as I stepped out the shins started barking, foretelling a long run ahead. I vowed to ice them on my return, but powered through the 7 miles. They cleared up at around 3.5, and different things started to hurt, which wasn’t necessarily nice, it was just better. I got to feel my thigh and groin muscles start to compensate for tired legs for the first time. Novel.

I was running in the Lower Huron Metropark by my house; quite a pleasant change from running on the street. I passed and was passed by runners and a handful of bikers, but the weird thing is that pretty much everyone was really gruff, or even rude. One cyclist even nearly plowed into me and then shouted obscenities. Clearly he’s forgetting all the bitching he probably does about “nearly getting killed by [vehicles] travelling so fast and not sharing the road with him”. 10mph hike/bike multi-use trail and there he is hurtling along so fast he can’t even be bothered to squeak out “on the left” until it becomes obvious he’s going to collide with me.

I made the whole 7 mile run in 1:29:34, which is under a 13min mile for the whole length. I had to pause once to pace back and forth while giving my shins a peptalk, but the run was good. I think this winter I will probably settle in to a 6 mile distance run on the weekends, and push the mileage again in the spring (esp. if Brian really is going to con me into running a half marathon next year.)

I really wanted this run to be a miracle run; no pain, just smooth sailing, nice speed the whole way through and just effortlessly float in the door, hang up my shoes and say “Yeah, I’m ready for my 10k”. It didn’t work out that way; instead with a lot more limping and icing my legs and hungrily sipping at my recovery chocolate milk, but I still feel ready for 6.2 miles on Thanksgiving.


2 responses to “Seven Miles

  1. I have gotten into serious battles on a local bike mailing list about that – people come on there and bitch about motorists and then in the very next breath complain that people use the multi-use path who aren’t as awesome as they are and don’t go as fast. (Criminals on that list include: parents with children, parents with strollers, people with dogs, slower cyclists, joggers with headphones, joggers at all.) It’s so funny how oppression filters down – they feel the same frustration that motorists feel, but don’t have empathy for them, and they feel the same fright that pedestrians feel, but don’t have empathy for them either.

    Anyway, yay for seven miles! That is awesome sauce.

    • It *is* funny. I am trying not hate on the guy too much; our entire interaction lasted 5 seconds, and maybe he’s a really wonderful dude who was just taken off guard.

      I’m glad you know what I mean though; I figured you would! Thanks for keepin’ up with me. Having an audience is making this a lot more fun.

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