Track Runnin’

Better late to report than never!

My track run Wednesday was on a cold, cold night. I opted to go outside, because the cold isn’t going to get any more bearable by hiding indoors on a treadmill.

Distance Time Pace
0.5 5:28.9 0:10:58
0.25 2:18.6 0:09:16
0.25 2:15.4 0:09:00
0.25 2:11.3 0:08:44
0.25 2:29.9 0:10:00
0.25 2:28.9 0:09:56
0.25 2:15.1 0:09:00
0.25 2:06.6 0:08:28
0.25 2:16.5 0:09:08
1 12:16.8 0:12:17

I ran hard, but not consistent. I felt my shins (hence yesterday’s post & shopping trip) at the beginning of the run. I wore my jacket all the way until I ran my 1 mile cooldown, and it’s only getting colder.

Not much more to it. One more post tonight about the pace run for the week, which I got back from a couple hours ago.


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