My Serious Face

scruffy mcbeanie3.5 mile pace run, 2nd to last before my race, and I felt fantastic. Steph came outside for a photo shoot before I took off a’runnin’ and she took off to forage some Chinese food.

Doesn’t that beanie make me look all serious about this?

The run was amazing. Wearing gloves and the beanie kept me warm, but breathing cold air and being able to cool off made me feel like I was running slow, even when I was running faster than my intended pace. Did the whole thing (3.5mi) in 39:29, which is an unprecedented 11:20 pace. My splits are a little estimated (I ran my old 5k route, modified to tack on a half mile, and had to go by ‘this driveway’ and ‘that clump of trees’. Not a satisfactory level of precision, but regardless of how I slice the pie, it was a smaller pie than last time.

Hopefully if I keep this up, I’ll be a smaller Don than previously. You can tell I’m serious about it. Look at my serious face.


3 responses to “My Serious Face

  1. I love your serious face.

    Is it still light when you run? We are going shopping to get Mike some running shoes this weekend and are hoping to start the Couch to 5K next week sometime, baby permitting, and I’m worried that the time change is going to mean the only time that’s reasonable to run is 6am.

  2. Love the pic…that is the face of a serious runner if I had ever seen one!!!! Run Happy my friend (well, actually my son-in-law)!

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