Earning my gear

The only thing I bought when I started running was new socks and a pair of whatever-was-on-sale running shoes at DSW. I ended up in pair of Asic Cumulus that served me well until I started to run more seriously.

But since the beginning I’ve taken the attitude that I should be able to run with just my feet and shoes if necessary; that I didn’t need a camelbak, a gps watch, a range finder, a headlight, a specialized light and gear vest and space age clothing in order to just get some exercise. That if I wanted those things, I could have them when I was spending enough time running that I actually wanted them for practical reasons, not exclusively because they were cool.

I’ve been successful on that count. For about a year after starting, I made it with whatever shorts I had in the house, a handful of tank tops, and that pair of (ill suited for me) shoes. Eventually I bought a handful more shirts and shorts, and then, only because my schedule was requiring laundry twice a week to keep up. The heart rate monitor, the right shoes at the beginning of the summer were the beginning of “taking it seriously” for me, and I started my log. Promising myself that I could have a running watch if I kept the log and made it through my 5k in September.

So Steph got me a great running watch for the 5k, and that brought me to the current day in gear purchases. I’ve managed to avoid the siren’s call of really fancy technical fabric, and the lure of sophisticated positioning and tracking electronics so far.

But it’s winter, and I intend to run through it, so I made two purchases alongside the shoes for last night. A little saucony beanie and a pair of great running gloves that I think will make these 30-some degree days more bearable.


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