Time for new shoes! (?)

Track workout was good last night. I got through it alive, and with most of my 1/4 times in the 9-10min pace (I’ll post the splits on my next entry)

However, Sunday and last night, for the first time ever, my shins started to hurt. My shoes are over 200 miles by my log, which doesn’t consistently include warmup and cooldown. Not to mention the rowing use, and the walking to and from start points, which add up.

I’m planning on grabbing a new pair of shoes tonight. I’m currently wearing the Brooks Addiction 9, a big motion control shoe. Brooks sells a “Beast” too, with more padding and the same motion control geometry and material basics. I was thinking of picking up a pair of those to try. At my size, more padding to keep the shock out of my joints seems valid, but trying them on last time they felt SO springy that I opted for the Addictions.

This time around, Running Fit in Ann Arbor has a coupon for $20 off the Beasts, so I’m thinking of buying a pair of those and the Addiction 9’s. They were good shoes and made my running this summer possible, I just think my bulk mashed down the energy absorption faster than average.

The lifecycle of shoes is a hot topic according to the internet, but I figure that if replacement shoes fix the problem, then the old shoes were worn out, and if they don’t, then hey, backup shoes!

Also, I want to get the new ones on my feet for these last couple weeks so that I’m not running in tired shoes for the Turkey Trot.

Any thoughts from the VoT? Buy the Addiction 9s? The Beasts? Both? Tough it out and run barefoot?

Both is the current plan, just because of the coupon and my curiosity about more padding tempered by my desire to not change something that worked for 200 miles.


6 responses to “Time for new shoes! (?)

  1. I vote get a pair of each and try out the beast in a short, recovery run. If they really suck, you might be able to take them back and exchange them for another pair of addictions.

  2. As someone who works in running specialty, I suggest that you try them several times…on a treadmill. That keeps them clean should you need to exchange them. I think you will like the Beast…as you will feel the additional cushioning.

    • This running store apparently has a 7 day return policy. I’ve got my recovery run Monday, which I can do on the treadmill, and I can run Wednesday’s ‘speedwork’ (the airquotes are important to destroy my ego) on the treadmill, just to keep them clean in case I need an exchange. Then I can come in on Thursday and look for an exchange if I don’t like them, but I’m pretty optimistic I will.

      As an aside, I don’t think I’ll be going back to Running Fit in Ann Arbor. He wouldn’t let me try on the Adrenaline, and he didn’t observe me running at all. I was allowed to ‘jog around the block’ in the shoes, but got no feedback other than a reasonable-sounding shoe wear analysis. Further, when I asked about what gloves he’d recommend, he pointed at the wall and said “We’ve got a whole bunch over there!”, and was no more helpful on the topic when pressed.

      Also, hint to small business owners: train your employees not to say “Well, we have to run a business” when someone just paid you $300.

  3. Hi Don –
    Tempis fugit, eh? As do your fleet feet.
    Second pair of shoes? Of course! All serious runners have 2 pair, and rotate them through their training, then pamper themselves with a snappy racing pair that they break in in the last two weeks prior to the race.
    And of course nice tops, bottoms, gloves, hats, belts, blister-free socks, etc.
    And most of all, a tricked out ride to and from the race, WITH a driver and you in the back.
    But I digress.

    Here’s a link to a shoe selector site:
    And another:
    The Brooks sounds just fine, especially if there is a coupon involved.
    As for the chins –
    Ice, then some low heat, then ice, etc. Get on top of that inflamation before it grips you in it’s deadly teeth. You should be fine.
    As to the head-cam. We’re looking for 1080p, the full race. You do have a YouTube account, right?
    ~ Coach P

    • Luckily there’s little danger of me being a serious anything, never mind athlete. Still, if how much you spend on shoes is the measure, then I’ve almost made it.

      Look for a post regarding gear coming soon; I did buy myself a little thing or two while I was getting new shoes. I do have the driver covered; she’ll be sitting next to the race course at strategic locations bundled up like she’s on an arctic expedition. I’ll have to see if she’ll let me ride in the back.

      For HD video at my pace, we’d better talk about some kind of streaming video, because otherwise the file size is going to be pretty brutal. Your 10k may be a sitcom length, but I’ll be a feature length film!

    • How about a few nice high quality stills with my Cannon Rebel XTi?

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