That’s it! I’m signed up for the 28th Fifth Third Turkey Trot in downtown Detroit on Thanksgiving Day. Turkey Trot - Promo Poster

I have intended to run this race as my 10k for months now, but only recently signed up; I guess the commitment to train was easier to make than the commitment to roll out of bed on Thanksgiving and go running 6+ miles.

But it’s done. They have my money, and so if I don’t run, I’m only cheating myself.

The Turkey Trot is kind of a goofy race; the course map indicates that there’s a Candy Cane station around mile 2, and a lot of runners will be in costume, or running with their families.

In a way, that’s perfect for me because one man’s race pace is another man’s Running-Dressed-As-A-Giant-Turkey pace.

I’m really excited for the race to come around; it’s only 3 weeks away now, and about 10 days of that is taper. Last 7 mile run is on the 15th, while I’m on vacation in Mexico.

The whole thing has zipped by pretty fast; I am a little worried that I won’t be able to combine my pace speed with my distance runs to get across the finish line in 1:18:13. The combination of pushing my distance and pushing my heartrate at the same time is still foreign, though it’s become more familiar with those 4 mile pace runs.

Track run tonight, and man is it cold outside. Time to try out a longsleeved shirt again.


2 responses to “Registered!

  1. Yay! That is awesome. My first 10K was in December of last year – it was “Jingle All The Way” and you got bells to put on your shoes. And a lot of people were in costume.

    Good luck with the cold. I can’t tell you how much easier it got for me to run in the cold last year when I got good gear – Amazon sometimes has pretty good prices on tech clothes. Not sure what you have already, but I ❤ Underarmor. And arm warmers can be really good for when you are running and it's cold but not so cold that you need long sleeves.

    Also, every time you post, it reminds me that I have had clearance to run for a week now and I haven't done it yet. MUST GET MOTIVATED.

    • I’m currently wearing a whole bunch of Champion C9 stuff because it was cheap at target and significantly better than t-shirts and tanktops that I had in the spring. I recently bought one longsleeved tech shirt (btw, I love that tech seems to mean ‘mostly polyester’) and a nylon ‘shell’.

      I went to look into arm warmers and now Amazon thinks I’m a goth teenager. I blame you if Twilight movie merchandise starts turning up in my Recommended Items.

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