The wind in my face

Running indoors on the treadmill for today’s ‘EZ’ run was no picnic. The inflexible nature of a treadmill, combined with the still air, made running for 45 minutes on a treadmill more of an ordeal, in its way, than running nearly twice that outdoors was yesterday.

But it’s not all bad. Normally I eschew music during my runs, since I run along pretty busy roads. On a track, trail or treadmill I can plug in headphones and tune out a little. I managed 3.5 miles in those 45 minutes.

What do you readers listen to when you run? I ended up getting a mixture of embarrassing pop music for tonight’s run; and tracking past all my down tempo and melancholy music ate through the battery on my iPod. It gets cold, and more importantly dark, here in Michigan in the winter time, so after my 10k on Thanksgiving (3 weeks away!) I’ll be facing more treadmill time. So some tunes might help pass those still and repetitive runs.

That’s in the future though. Right now, I’m getting outside every chance I get. Tomorrow is a day off, but Wednesday I’ll be back outside pushing the envelope on the track.


2 responses to “The wind in my face

  1. I have a couple of power jams that I turn to when it’s getting really rough: “Painkiller” by Judas Priest and “Break Ya Neck” by Busta Rhymes are my two best power jams. But mostly it’s just songs that I like that have a fast beat. Sometimes thematically appropriate, like “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen. Most anything by Girl Talk, some Lady Gaga, Peaches (particularly the album I Feel Cream). So I generally put a long playlist together and play it on random and then hit next as I feel like it when I need to move on.

    • With all the road running (and consequent fear of death) I haven’t put together playlists for running, but I think it’s definitely a good idea. Lady Gaga was the majority of the “Popped” playlist that got me through this (supposedly) easy run.

      I’ll look at my Pandora like list and maybe buy some more music for the long cold winter ahead.

      Incidentally I learned that Seven Nation Army doesn’t work despite being awesome. Something about the bassline left me clutching for the track-forward button.

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