Is a quarter marathon a thing?

We drove back from Pittsburgh this morning, and I had to try to excite myself for yet another ‘longest run yet’ while sitting in a car for four hours. Steph and I were heading back early so she could catch Zumba, so the plan was for me to set out from the gym and run home. Tack on an extra lap around the block when I get home, and bam, 6.6 miles.

The run started out with a little pain in my legs; I’m behind on my banana-a-day regimen and spending the morning cramped in a car isn’t great for circulation. The front of my calves were stiff and tough. I gobbled down a vanilla bean gu 10 minutes in, and 40 minutes in Steph passed me and gave me a few sips of water and half a banana. I had a double caffeine gu at 1:05, and Swem’s right, I may just start nibbling on these things as pick-me-ups during the workday. It sure got me to the end alright.

I also had one of those experiences you only get to have when you run. A friendly dog became fascinated with me and ran across a busy road (into traffic) to come meet me. Of course, every car on the road assumed she was my dog, and looked at me like I was nuts. I slowly helped return the dog to the father/daughter pair who were calling out to her from across the street (and across a yard), but even they looked at me like I was nuts; they were bundled up in their early winter coats, and I’m in a tank top and athletic shorts. Not even a ‘thanks for guiding our dog back through traffic’.

Between that, the leg pain, and the water stop, the 6.5 miles took 1:29:30. Knock off about 5 minutes for misadventure and it’s still a pretty reasonable time. Steph was just about to send out the search party (per my prior instructions) when I came a-jogging up.

When I passed the power lines (my 6 mile stopping point) I kept thinking something Swem said to me on my run in the park to him. “Every step now is a record!” It’s kind of a silly sentiment, from a logical point of view, but it helped me through that half mile around the block. Next week is 7 miles, and then that’s all the records for now. I’ll be running another 7 while I’m in Mexico and then tapering in advance of the Turkey Trot.


2 responses to “Is a quarter marathon a thing?

  1. It’s funny how campy phrases make sense when exhausted! Glad to hear you continue to up the distance.

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