Circles and Circles

Still no sign of a good outdoor track, but there’s a little asphalt running path out back of the RAC (previously mentioned, even!). It’s a quarter mile, so I used that for my intervals. I ran a lap, and then walked half a lap (my estimated half lap was 0.1227mi per the gmap-pedometer, so pretty good). Below are my laptimes and their paces. I did a half mile warm up (per instructions) and a mile cooldown (per instructions) and had a burger and a beer afterward (per instructions).

By the time I finished up, winter sunset had completely finished and it had started to get dark. But I toughed it out and did my mile cooldown, and I could feel the tension and built up lactic acid in my muscles. I know the numbers aren’t impressive, but I’m proud that I was under a 10min pace for all my laps. My walks were slow (2 min for 1/8th of a mile after ~2 min runs), but I think they’re supposed to be. I definitely felt it, in both my lungs and my muscles. Good workout!

As of today I’m officially back on schedule after the time off with the knee. I’m keeping up on advil/ice and I think it’s working.

Lap Distance Time Pace
Run 1 0.25 01:56.9 07:47.6
Run 2 0.25 02:16.4 09:05.6
Run 3 0.25 02:17.5 09:10.0
Run 4 0.25 02:19.3 09:17.2
Run 5 0.25 02:22.5 09:30.0
Run 6 0.25 02:28.5 09:54.0
Run 7 0.25 02:03.7 08:14.8
Run 8 0.25 02:09.8 08:39.2
Cooldown 1 13:04.1 13:04.1

One response to “Circles and Circles

  1. Paul Swem (Coach P)

    Your lungs, heart, and legs will thank you for this workout!
    And one repeat two weeks out – what a wonderful thing to look forward to!
    ~ Coach P, a real hater of all track work. (But one who knows the real benefits of the circular stuff)

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