On the road again!

Spoilers: The return to the road was drama free!

I had guests in town again this weekend, but after waiting this long, I figured I could spare an hour for myself, and get in a pace run. I made myself take a short route, which I could cut short at 3 miles without guilt.

As soon as I stepped out the door, I knew that I felt a ton better, Advil and ice had clearly had their intended effect. No pain at all. I warmed up with the 3/4 of a mile to the subdivision entrance, stashed a water bottle, and headed to the Martinsville raceway.

I got to Martinsville, stretched and hit the road. I managed 18 min for the first 1.5 miles, 17:30 for the second. Detailed splits are posted below. I ran another mile after the 3 miles, still at just about pace, so I feel good about moving up my at-pace distance.

Segment Distance Out Back
Martinsville to Hull 0.75 8:50 8:51
Hull to Fret 0.5 6:07 5:37
Fret to End 0.25 3:04 2:57
Martinsville to Powerlines 1.0 12:18

I haven’t done my distance run yet today, and I *might* have to put it off one day and do it tomorrow, just because it will be dark by the time Lee heads out to the airport. But I feel like I’m back, and with nothing lost. Maybe I’ll just run home from Romulus Athletic Center (our gym) when Steph goes tomorrow.

After two nights of fine dining, I might have to run more than that, even. I wouldn’t even venture a guess how many miles I’d have to run to offset the beef tenderloin with accoutrement from eve last night. Every yard would be worth it, though.


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