Rest Day 3

This is day 3 without a run. Tuesday is a normal break day, and Monday is usually pretty mild, but missing a track workout day feels odd, like getting a check in a restaurant without your appetizer on it. Little bit guilty, little bit like I’m getting away with something.

Knee is hurting, wrapped in a bandage today. I’m going to go tomorrow and use an elliptical or something to cross train. Friday is pacerun unless nothing abates by then. I really need it.


3 responses to “Rest Day 3

  1. Hi Don –
    Sorry for the delays in my posts – been crazy busy here, to the point that I haven’t run in 4 days. MUST change up pronto, or suffer a mental health breakdown!
    I’m concerned about that knee, and wonder about the efficacy of an elliptical trainer –
    Granted, repetitive motion without the pounding of running is an effective cross-train, but it’s the motion that I worry about.
    I had a meniscus tear years ago, and got an arthroscopic fix. I am certain that you don’t have such a thing, you would experience pain IN the run, not after.
    I suspect you have some inflammation going on, which is, of course…..
    Rest, ice, and nasid’s
    You’ve got a great base, and a few guilt-free days off will do you no harm.
    If you do go for the elliptical, make sure you get your heart rate and breathing way up there, so you don’t have to stay on it for a long period of time.
    20-30 minutes wheezing, huffing, and puffing will be better for you than 45-60 minutes of slogging along, all things considered. You’ll be working the cardio parts of your bod, and “resting” your knee.
    An hour of a knee going back and forth and back and forth isn’t what I would suggest at this point.
    Hang in – PLENTY of time left, and you’ve already run the distance, so you don’t have to worry about being able to go 10k.
    Coach P

    • We actually decided it would be a good excuse for him to swim to get some exercise without taxing the knee too much and keeping any weight off of it whatsoever. He’ll post about that soon though!

  2. I ended up swimming 30 laps (1500m or 1500 yds, depending on which teenager manning the pool was correct) instead, and I got back to the run today (blog entries for both are pending!) but I feel really good, and I’m glad I did the days off.

    The elliptical doesn’t particularly excite me, and I figured that the existence of the pool and the relatively small number of kids might make for a good night to try swimming.

    Thanks for all the encouragement! Stay tuned for my comedic swim account, and a breakdown of my pace run this afternoon!

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