The Knee

My right knee has been troubling me off and on for a few weeks, and I really don’t want to develop a full blow injury.

Steph also encouraged me to post here to get the opinion of the collective. The pain is not sharp, but dull, and is on the front lower part of my knee, roughly bottom center beneath the kneecap. I am least in pain when actually running, and other motions like rowing also feel good and normal. A few hours after the run it hurts. It started a few weeks ago running with that leg on the outside on the short track, and I thought it was strictly related to that, but lately even though it hasn’t inhibited my running, it’s hurt afterward. Reading things online it sounds like it could be Runner’s Knee, but I don’t know enough to really guess.

I’ve prided myself on listening to my body so far, and despite my desire to get out there tonight and run my easy run, I think I’m going to take a rest, lose a couple workouts and see if ice and anti-inflammatories can get this back on track.

What do you guys think? What is the pain? What should I do to diagnose? Is taking a few days off listening to my body or just wimping out? Ice, advil, compression, rest, and run again on Friday?


11 responses to “The Knee

  1. You should do the ‘wet foot arch test’ to see if those stability shoes are what your feet are asking for. It’s possible your arches, and therefor your pronation, requires more cushion than stability. As a result, your knees might appreciate more cushion than you’re giving them.

    Of course, your shoes might be exactly right, as well.


  2. Donald,

    How many miles are on your shoes? If you use your running shoes as a gym shoe…that counts as mileage. For a rough estimate…for every hour you wear your shoes for a non-running activity, that counts as 5 miles!

    Replace your Brooks Addiction and take that out of the equation! (my knees always tell me when it is time, not so much the mileage but I only get 325 miles on any shoe that I wear!)

    I hope this helps.


    • My shoes have about 200 miles on them, per my log. As far as wearing them for other activities, I’ve really only wore them for the erg sessions, so I can tack 20 miles on.

  3. One more thing….have Steph take a video of you running a few strides. Have her squat down on the gound behind you, and have her focus the phone (camera) on your feet, and you run away from her. I want to see if the Addiction is the right level of support for your mechanics…is it good enough or is it too much. I wanna do a video gait analysis. Have her send it to my email.

    • We’ll get something like this! Thanks for offering! I will hold off on a new pair of the addiction 9’s until then. The guy in Running Fit in Ann Arbor did do a 30 second gait analysis, but did it just briefly, and focused on my walking which he said was really flatfooted.

  4. Did the guy at Running Fit actually watch you run? Sometimes people walk differently than they run, so we, at PR Running, always watch people run…if indeed they are going to use the shoes for running. Just because someone is flat footed and pronate while walking does not guarentee that they will pronate heavily while running…which is what the Addicition is designed for…a heavy pronator. (we calls those sorts of people..RULE BREAKERS). Perhaps you are a rule breaker…sounds like a Donald sort of thing! lol

    • He didn’t watch me run, unless he stuck his head out the door while I was trying the shoes out. He looked at the old shoes, listened to my description of what was my current annoyance (pain along the outside of my foot) and talked through cushioning levels.

      I’ve been really happy with the addiction 9’s so far, I suppose it’s possible they’re near the end of their life at around 200-220 miles; I am a heavy runner.

  5. Is a video on a treadmill OK? I can easily get that at the gym.

  6. Will a video of him running a treadmill work? or should it be on pavement?

  7. Steph the treadmill will be fine!


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