Pace Run – Running in the night

My Friday night run ended up starting way later than usual; I left the house to start my mile warm-up at about 7pm. (Drama regarding a rental car, while my Mustang is at a collision shop getting its keister put back in order) Swem landed at DTW around the same time and Steph went off to pick him up while I got my run in.

I got to Martinsville, stretched and got running at about 20 minutes past. I ran the 3 miles in about 36:30, about a minute slower (20s/mile) than the last Martinsville pace run, which was identical. I was supposed to do 3.5 miles, but I had a few factors working against me. I wanted to get back to the house to get started on the fun weekend activities, most of all. But in addition, about 3 cars came along at various times, driving me off the road and onto the shoulder. Also, I got into my first Runner vs. Loose Dogs confrontation. Lucky it was just what looked like a little bichon frise and its bigger pal which must have been some kind of whatever-adoodle. Their bark was almost certainly worse than their bite, but not wanting to find out, I slowed to a walk and kept eye contact while I wandered by. A dog bite would not have improved the night!

Still, all the way through 3 miles in 36:30, and instead of starting my cooldown when I hit 3, I kept running hard, and went another 3/4 of a mile in another 9 minutes, so kept pace with the rest of the run. I’ll post the detailed splits tomorrow, but I think I consider last night a very successful pace run. If I can run 6.2 miles at the 12:10 pace, I will beat my 78:13 goal pace.

Update: Detailed Splits

Leg Distance Time Out Time Back
Martinsville to Hull ~0.75 9:08 9:06
Hull to Fret ~0.5 6:25 5:53
Fret to Driveway ~0.25 3:05 3:00
Martinsville to Dover ~0.75 n/a 8:35

Swem has delivered my Gu sampler shipment (pics forthcoming!) and he and I are going to go for a run in Huron Metropark tomorrow. It’ll be interesting to have company for my long run; normally they’re entirely solitary because I’m usually on surfaces or roads that Steph isn’t comfortable rollerblading on.


2 responses to “Pace Run – Running in the night

  1. Paul Swem (Coach P)

    Hope your run goes well today.
    Here’s a link (I hope it works) to a NY Times article today – in the sports section.
    PLEASE read.
    The hills and bridges of New York will surely prevent Gebrselassie from breaking his marathon world record, 2:03:59. But, at 37, he could challenge the course record, 2:07:43. If Gebrselassie goes out at 2:07 pace, Salazar said he would probably instruct Ritzenhein to let him go and perhaps aim for 2:08.

    Another quote:

    At Nike, he is also refining his race-day hydration techniques to reduce the risk of cramping and a loss of energy. Previously, Ritzenhein tended to overhydrate with water before a marathon, leaving him with too few electrolytes during the race. Meanwhile, he ingested 1,200 calories as he ran, carbohydrates that his body could not fully absorb. Now he plans to reduce race-day carbohydrates and begin drinking electrolyte-rich sports drinks for the next few weeks.

    Have fun!
    Coach P

  2. I found the article you were talking about (google is a powerful force)

    The run today went excellently; your younger son and I tore through about 6.4 miles in an hour and 22 minutes, making this my longest run yet.

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