Rest Day – The Coiled Spring

Today was a rest day. Should be pretty uneventful, nothing to write about, right?

Lately I’ve been feeling different about rest days. Instead of thinking of rest days as “normal days” and the days where I have something scheduled as “abnormal”, I feel more like it’s the other way around. Maybe it’s just the psychological effect of repetition, maybe it’s my hyperactivity about motivation (evidenced by this blog), but these days, on a rest day, I feel like a coiled spring, ready to pop. I hop up and down on my toes, to feel my calves stretch. I eyeball my gym bag, or pack it up for the next day (something I’d never have done before). I fret that I don’t have anything to write in my blog, because all I did today was work, eat and patch World of Warcraft. It’s a better thing to feel eager to run again tomorrow, than to dread it.

Well, if I’m looking forward to workouts, this is the ‘good’ part of the week. Track, Crosstrain, pacerun. Three tough days, but each with unique challenges; not just the same thing three times. I didn’t realize it when I laid it out, but that makes a nice contrast to the slow pound of the LSD run on Sunday alongside the gimpalong recovery feel of the EZ run on Mondays.

11:49. Rest day all but over. Good; it’s time to get moving.

After sleep, and work, I mean. But then, definitely moving.


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