Weekly Wrap Up 2!

5 miles for my long run, about 18 miles overall (including warmups and cooldowns)

This week was a bigger challenge than last week, not because of fitness but really just because some weeks are harder than others.

Things I learned:
– I learned something about my body (and confirmed what books and other people have said) with regards to indoor track running. Namely, my knees don’t like lots of turns/mile. Next step is to get an equivalent workout with the suffering of the corners. Treadmill? Highschool track? There are some logistics and practicalities but I’ll get it.
– I learned an actual physical lesson about nutrition and hydration on Sunday. Next step is to start experimenting with solutions.

I sent out the blog link to a large number of people for the first time, and I’m excited/nervous to see what that brings.


3 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up 2!

  1. Paul Swem (Coach P)

    Don –
    GREAT blog. I can imagine you’re getting some serious hits?
    As for the track, no worries there. I would suggest you listen to your body – and if your knees and ankles tell you to ease up on all those tight turns, by all means, do so.

    Now – as for outdoor tracks –
    If you can get access to a high school track, give it a try. Not only will the corners be much more gradual, the footing will be forgiving as well. I would think that almost all current tracks are rubberized, and combined with a decent pair of shoes, you’ll find your knees thanking you!
    (But alas, if you work it right, your lungs will not).
    You shouldn’t need more than a workout a week, if that. If you find yourself running out of time, so to speak, be SURE to make an extra effort to get at least two trips to the track about 2-3 weeks out from race date. You’ll shave minutes off your time.
    Hang in and keep:
    1) blogging,
    2) running!

    • Thanks Paul! Today I’m certainly getting some hits, this was the big unveiling. We’ll see if there’s anybody nosing around tomorrow.

      I’m going to keep the workout day for sure, one way or another. This Wednesday I’m going to check out the Belleville High School track. Getting there each week doesn’t fit into my commuting plans, but I might have to make it work, because I did love the first two workouts in every other sense.

      My shoes are a great fit, (that was an early piece of advice from VoT member Sherry, my mother-in-law), and my legs don’t start punishing me normally, so maybe on the quarter mile, or a road straightaway I can get those lungs put through their paces. I’m definitely going to keep at it.

  2. Hey Donald…here is an idea in lieu of a track…how about you map out a flat straight-away either near the house or near the gym of a 400m (1/4 mi) distance, and use that for your speed workouts. The advantage is….NO TURNS! And once the snow flies,you will still have access to it when an outsoor track wont be accessible.

    A treamill is a good alternative, however, running on a treamill and running outside are different. But if a treamill is more comfortable for the knee, then heck, no harm no foul!

    Carry on…you are doing great…I brag about you all the time to the customers at work!

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