Easy Run – To Accept The Things I Cannot Change

So, eventually I expected this.

Steph wanted to weight lift, so rather than coming home and running around the neighborhood, I walked into the gym motivated, geared up, and ready to run.

But they were re-varnishing the basketball gym, which meant the whole place smelled like a fire in a tar plant. So I tossed my bag in the trunk of the car, and figured I’d run outside!

The danger of picking a random new route is that sometimes you pick poorly. My choice today was to run south on Vining toward Eureka. Concrete road with high speed cars, a inclined asphalt shoulder, and an uneven dirt and grass, populated by bugs. Along a runway, which sounds scenic, unless you’ve ever heard a jet take off, while loping along half tilted on asphalt, breathing truck exhaust. So I hauled along Vining until Eureka, which looked like even more unpleasant running. Turned around and got back to the Romulus Athletic Center before I got run over by a fedex truck or something. Only high point was discovering a little running path out back of the RAC parking lot when I found myself with 5 minutes left and no desire to run around just in the parking lot. Got my first chance to run along on asphalt with a dusting of dried leaves, which felt more fall-like than the weather. High point of a low lying run.

But I ran the whole way! 39 minutes of hauling around under human power, that’s worth something. Even if the scenery was lousy.

Tomorrow’s a rest day, and then back to the track on Wednesday. Let’s hope Belleville High School doesn’t mind a taxpayer jogging on the track.


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