5 miles, long and slow.

First off: Happy Birthday Steph!

Today was a 5 mile long run; I elected not to step up after the accidental 5 miles last week, and to just stick with 0.5 mile increases for the remaining weeks until 7 miles (yikes) on November 7th.

Turned out that was probably a good idea, because today was rough between heat and a lack of the right nutrition. Last Sunday it was cooler, and I had food and water around mile 4. I didn’t think it had made that much of an impact, until I tried to run today without a stop for food or water in 75+ degrees. 5 miles is quite manageable, but at my speed I was out more than an hour, so the lack of food took it’s toll. Also, I had not eaten as well the day before. Too much protein, not enough carbs.

Even with all that over-analysis, I managed the whole thing in right about the same time as last week. 1:09:48, 13:58 pace. The beginning was stiffer and creakier than I’d like, but I got through it. Powering through that still left me pretty drained, but I ran the whole way.

Steph and I started talking about some kind of nutrition, gu or gel or something for these long weekend runs. Water will be more complicated, because I really don’t want to haul a bottle, but I will if I have to. Swem said he’d give me some advice on nutrition when he comes around this weekend, so maybe he’ll have some insights.

Around mile 4, when I was missing that clif bar and water fountain pretty bad, I told myself that I was excited. That I was happy. That I had been looking forward to this long run all week, and it was almost over and I should be grateful that I was still on it, because when it was over it was back to work, back to a different, more complex, less elemental struggle. I didn’t quite convince myself, but I got close enough that I may convince myself next time. And it really did feel good, when it was over.

Another run bites the dust.


9 responses to “5 miles, long and slow.

  1. Love the goal, the progress, and the blog.

    Not only will you be getting a bunch of nutrition advice, but a substantial part of my leftover Gu stash from my tri training. I have far too many, and it sounds like you have too few.

    • Yeah, I’ve just been stuffing a clif bar in my face. If you think those can be a bit dry normally, try eating one after panting and heaving your way through a few miles.

  2. We’ll pay more attention to proper nutrition on Saturday afternoon/evening for your Sunday noontime run. Sorry about that! Plus, you know, we weren’t exactly expecting an 80 degree day for your long run.

  3. If you find that you hate the Gu, which I did, I would like to recommend Clif Bloks. They are sort of the consistency of gummy lifesavers or gummy jolly ranchers and were, at least for me, way less gross than the icing consistency of the more liquid Gu and Gu-related gels.

    Also, there are a bunch of belts that you can get that hold water for you – have you thought about looking into those? Amazon has several and you can get reviews on how well they work. I haven’t gotten one yet, but I will if I start going into longer runs that don’t involve the running stroller.

    • I tried a clif blok at some point, but it had been sitting in a warm car, and I was heading to a work out, rather than in the middle of one, so I was definitely not in the right mindset. I’m going to take Swem up on his offer of a pile of Gu and maybe grab one or two of some of these other suggestions, and see what my body approves of. Luckily, my stomach hasn’t been fussy so far (Coffee, bacon and eggs was the not-enough-carbs breakfast before this run, and there was no puking, just lack of fuel)

      I checked out the running belts, and the strapped-on hand bottles. There seem to be so many different products for it, it’s just a matter of deciding which I want. It seems ludicrous to haul a belt of water for a 6 mile run, but it’s clearly necessary, so I’m going to have to get over that aversion.

  4. I have yet to discover a woman who likes Gu gels – my polling hasn’t been scientific, but my sample size is quite substantial.
    After my experience with them this summer, I’ve considered switching to a Gu-only diet here in the office. I could strap on a camelback and be satiated for weeks!
    Give them a try this weekend, but as the previous commentor mentioned, there are many products out there for mid-run fuel. I’m sure you’ll find one that works.

    • My mom likes Gu. There, myth = busted!

    • Yeah, and as I run further, and more often, I’ll get more opportunities to try things. As it is, my distance runs feel ‘too far apart’. I’m trying to take the moderate road though, and keep myself wanting more. That’s how I tricked er… trained myself to run the 3.1 mile runs I was doing 4 times a week, started out with 1, then 2, and just increased when my body was ready, rather than just overplanning and just putting up with it.

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