New Landspeed Record – Whale Runs 3 miles in 36 minutes

35:33, actually, mister headline writer man. But who’s counting?

I ran an out and back along ‘Martinsville Raceway’, with the following splits:

leg distance out back
Leg 1 – SavageHull ~0.75mi 9:05 8:22
Leg 2 – HullFret ~0.5mi 6:23 5:49
Leg 3 – FretDriveway ~0.25mi 3:04 2:50

I was excited to do this run after finding myself in such good shape on the track this week. I am comfortable with this pace (which is about a 11:50 I think; I didn’t punch it into my log yet) for a significant distance, and was tired but not destroyed after this run. I was able to run most of my mile home cooldown, only walking at the end. I felt good the entire run, and my knee only twinged a bit, more of an after effect of Wednesday’s track workout than any pain in it’s own right. Still, caution means knee is going to get some ice and tlc.

Steph rollerbladed along with me on my warm up and cool down and that’s always a huge motivation, because it’s nice to spend some time outdoors just cruising around with her. I also had my first experience with stashing things like some kind of paranoid squirrel in technical fabric! I hid a water bottle in my condo developments ‘welcome’ sign on the way out so that I would have something to drink right after my run.

Oh, and since this is just a tenth of a mile short of a 5k, this is actually faster than I ran my race 3 weeks ago. 35:33 overall, or approximately 36:44 for a 5k! So I’m categorizing this as a PR, even if it’s not official. It’s my blog, not the USATF listings.


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