Cross training day!

Finished up my second cross training day, another 1-5-1 stair interval on the erg, and it felt really good. I maintained a 2:10 split (500m in rowing) for most of my intervals, though my ‘easy’ row minute of rest was more like a panting, slobbering lunge for the water bottle followed by a groan of angst as I realized the minute was nearly up.

Still! The whole workout felt good, particularly working the natural motion muscles that you use in rowing so much. My knee didn’t even squeak during the 40 minutes I was on there, confirming my suspicion that it’s only hurting because of tight corners combined with poor conditioning.

For a few seconds (during what I assume was some kind of exhaustion induced insanity) I even thought about how nice it would be to row in a crew shell with 7 other exhausted delusional people again.

Then I remembered how fun oars to the kidneys were and elected to return to reality.


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