Okay, it’s actually not that bad, but there are very few “knee” puns for “discomfort” so there we go.

After each of my two track workouts, I’ve had pain in my right knee that, instinctively, feels like a result of the tight turns on the short indoor track. Ice and ibuprofen help, it’s not actually affecting my life, but because my watchword has been caution I’m thinking of nixing the track workouts.

I could probably find a highschool track (Belleville HS has one), but Wednesday is a firm gym day for Steph, so I might just end up switching to timed intervals (2min run, 2min jog) on the treadmill. It’s an imperfect solution but I’d rather deal with it than risk hurting my knee for no reason.


2 responses to “Ago-knee

  1. Sounds like a good alternative. Worry about track workouts later, like next Spring or Summer or even in a year or two (or never! you don’t have to do track intervals ever if you don’t want).

    maybe work your schedule to have Wednesday be a cross-training day so you can do other gym things when Steph’s there?

  2. I think I’m going to stick with the treadmill for now, because I like the setup of having a hard pace run on Friday, and cross-training on Thursday, but yeah, I’ll leave the ‘real’ track stuff for the spring.

    I will probably still do intervals on the treadmill, but it will be a little more based on time than on distance. I don’t really need a less intense workout; just less intense corners.

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