Track Workout – Detailed Splits

So I ran my track workout, as alluded to in my last post. I figured that I’d go for a hard pace that I could sustain for the whole workout. I don’t plan on doing all my intervals as fast as this, but I wanted to prove I wasn’t topping out doing the 63 second laps of last week. Overall, my pace during the runs was pretty even, within 15 seconds or so of 8:15. I’m pretty proud and happy about that, but I think I need to dial it back now and just build consistency back at that 10:30 pace from last week.

And, on Annette’s advice, I guess I’ll try to pick up my pace the rest of the time, if this is an indication that I’m not pushing hard enough. Tomorrow will be a Cross train, then my pace run on Friday, 3 miles. Maybe I can run that at 12:00?

What Dist (mi) Time mm:ss.0 Pace
Warmup 0.5 06:20.3 12:41
Run 0.2 01:40.2 08:21
Walk 0.1 01:34.8 15:48
Run 0.2 01:34.4 07:52
Walk 0.1 01:44.6 17:26
Run 0.2 01:42.7 08:33
Walk 0.1 01:47.3 17:53
Run 0.2 01:43.1 08:35
Walk 0.1 01:49.5 18:15
Run 0.2 01:40.6 08:23
Walk 0.1 01:52.1 18:41
Run 0.2 01:39.4 08:17
Walk 0.1 01:50.4 18:24
Run 0.2 01:40.9 08:24
Walk 0.1 01:57.5 19:35
Run 0.2 01:35.1 07:55
Walk 0.1 02:04.8 20:48
Strch 0 04:54.6
Run 1 12:39.1 12:39

2 responses to “Track Workout – Detailed Splits

  1. Awesome speed workout! These workouts dont always feel good but the reality is that they work…help increase the turnover thus making you faster. Training is all about muscle memory and turnover rate is muscle memory. Keep up the good work!

  2. It felt good, but as I brought up in the next installment, my right knee and left foot are paying the price for all the turns on that 0.1mi track. I think I’ll be doing this speedwork on the treadmill next week, hopefully that still fits the bill, because I do think the workout is good.

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