Track Workout – What to do!

So, as I understand it, my goal for a track workout is to push the rate at which I can run a moderate distance by running at a rate approximately equal to my VO2Max.

Two problems:

1.) I have no idea what a moderate distance is.
2.) I have no idea what my VO2Max is.

Determined, as always, to not let a lack of knowledge impede myself, I ran last week at the very scientifically described “semi-hard” pace. 0.2mi on, 0.1mi off. Worked well enough last week I suppose, so I’ll repeat it again tomorrow.


5 responses to “Track Workout – What to do!

  1. I’m pretty sure to get your actual VO2Max value you have to see a sports doc and get a butt-ton of tests done.

    Generally, track workouts are done by more experienced runners looking to speed up. So what they do is take their general race-pace and do intervals at a slightly faster pace. For you, if your current race-pace is about 12:30/mi I’d focus on doing intervals at about a 12/mi. You want it to be fast enough that it takes effort but not so fast that you can’t do at least 8 repeats.

    • Great! That’s actually the number I targeted. But I think I ended up a little faster, about 10:30/mi, and did do 8 repeats with a mile easy run at the end to cooldown. I’m going to try it again tonight, with a focus on consistency.

      And yeah, I know I don’t need to do this kind of specific work at my level of fitness (which is like… mezzanine) but I have to run on the track or the treadmill on Wednesdays while Steph Zumba’s so it seemed like it might be fun, and have some benefit, to switch it up with some of this stuff. Worse comes to worse, I turn this into a straight up run and just run for the hour Steph is inside.

      • wow, if you’re doing 8+ repeats at a 10:30 pace then it sounds like your normal jogging pace is too slow! the intervals should be a challenge, and a 2-minute/mile speed-up is MASSIVE. Perhaps try speeding up your other runs too? Looks like you can handle it.

      • They’re really short repeats. 0.2mi per, because it’s an indoor track. But yeah, I got through my repeats last week with no strain.

        I could speed up on the road but I feel sooooo apprehensive about injuring myself that I tend to take it easy. And my heartrate jumps out of the (totally might be fake) estimated aerobic range any faster than about 13/mi (I avg’d 171HR for my whole 5k)

        Moving down into the aerobic range (132-151 is what I’m using for that range) on my jogs has been giving me the endurance gains.

  2. Technically, your V02 max is the point at which your body cannot export the C02 being generated in your muscles, and it begins to accumulate there. With your HRM on, you can watch your body cross that threshold. I’d try this on a treadmill sometime for fun (or at least a runner’s version of fun): After a good warmup, incrimentally increase your pace such that your heart rate climbs 10bpm each incriment, holding each level for 3 minutes or so. At one of those incriments, you will watch your HR start to spike without any increase in pace. That’s your body’s response to the accumulation of C02, and at that point, you’ve exceeded your V02 max.

    Have Steph standing by with the defib paddles.

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