Easy Run – Doin’ it wrong

Last night was a 30 minute “EZ” run. I cribbed the original idea from the about.com running plan that formed my basic skeleton. Problem is, much like every other run on the schedule, I’m just faking when I act like I know what I mean. I think that the basic idea is to run the day after my distance run, but not to have any strong goals that will make me push (and potentially injure) myself.

But, I tried to take up the spirit of a “nice, easy” run and strapped on my watch and set a timer for 15 minutes. Figured I’d just run around at random, and when it beeped, I’d punch the timer again and try to get home. Unfortunately I think even that “goal” was too much, and I hurried a bit more than I intended, especially on the first leg. I didn’t get home before the 2nd timer expired.

My legs felt hard and tense, recovering from their unaccustomed punishment on Sunday. Still, I ran about 2.3 miles in 30 minutes, which means a 13 minute pace.

I think, like several of these workouts, I’ll get better at these as the weeks progress.


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