Whoops, 5 miles

Annette, one of my village of trainers, told me that you call the long run you do each week the Long Slow Distance run, or LSD. So today was my second LSD, a 4.5 mile run. I planned a one way trip from the gym to home. Steph had a Zumba class, so I rode with her, changed at the gym and set out, walking for a bit before hitting a run about half a mile out. It’s a cold blustery day, and I was nervous about doing a point to point run, and the cold was another oppressing factor. But I did it! I ran the whole way!

At least, I thought I was going to run 4.5 miles. I screwed up the plotting on gmap-pedometer.com and ended up with a 5 mile run. At about a mile from home, I checked my watch and the time felt all wrong, which I guess means I’m starting to learn my pace, to have more of a sense, something that means I don’t have to rely exclusively on my watch; my body is becoming more consistent.

I did use my HRM and stayed pretty consistent, didn’t fall out of the range much (only a few minutes) and I ate a little clif bar and hit a water fountain at a little park about a mile from home. Steph caught up to me as I was coming up to the house.

Did the whole thing in 1:09:18, which is about a 13:50 pace again, same pace as my 4 mile distance run last Sunday. That felt amazing. I guess maybe I’ll step up my distance next week, rather than running 5 miles three weeks in a row. Considering that leaves just 1.2 miles left before I know I can complete a 10k, I’m pretty confident this is going to work!

Maybe Paul (village of trainers member) was right, maybe I’ll feel great doing 7 miles on 11/7 and start wondering about silly things like half-marathons.


One response to “Whoops, 5 miles

  1. Congratulations on a ‘breakthrough run’. I had one over the summer – it was a 17 miler, with a lot of wind in my sails for the last 4. For the first time I started to believe 26.2 was within reach. I called my dad, and he shared with me a story of a similar run he had many moons ago, while marathon training.
    I can’t wait for the post after your first 10 miler.

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