Weekly Wrap-up

This week is week two of my training since the 5k, but really it’s the first week with the proper and full plan (EZ run, track workout, cross train, pace run, LSD). So I’m excited.

My distance, because of my little whoops (see prior post) was about 12mi as parts of workouts, with an additional 4mi as warmups and cooldowns surrounding my workouts. During my 5k training (which was way less of a plan) I ran 12-15mi a week, 3mi at a clip. I need to get used to the new changes of this new workout, but at least 12-16mi is within the 10% ‘stackup’ that I’ve heard as a mileage guideline.

Honestly, I’m not sure if that 10% is supposed to count your weekly mileage, your longest run, just your ‘workout’ or everything including the warmup and cooldown. But I figure if I can at least write down the numbers and think about them each week I should be able to get a sense at least.

Everything really feels like it’s on track. Steph’s support to help me not miss a workout so far has been great. I won’t swear that I’ll get every single one in for the entire 9 weeks until Thanksgiving, but I at least feel like I’m going to hit the goal, which is running that 10k in 1:18:13.

Each week I’ll try to think about where I am against that goal when I write a wrap-up. This week feels pretty good, with a fast, strong pace run, nothing but pleasant soreness, and a great point to point distance run.


3 responses to “Weekly Wrap-up

  1. The 10% is the long run and total runs. So you shouldn’t increase the total mileage for more than 10% and the long run shouldn’t increase more than 10%.

    Also, warm-ups and cool-down mileage is definitely counted in weekly totals.

    • So I think I’ll stick with 5 on the long run next week, and I’ve started writing the weekly mileage on my training log (since my training log doesn’t currently count warmup/cooldown distance). I have a 6mile to 7 mile step in my training plan (31-Oct to 7-Nov) but since I’m ahead of schedule on distance I think I can smooth that out to half mile steps.
      On % per week, I think I’ll be okay because most of my other runs are small steps up.

      Thanks Annette!

  2. For no other reason than lively Village debate, I disagree with the previous post, and will continue to do so as long as rational, reasonable opinions are voiced in this space.

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