Pace Run Finished!

2.5 miles in 31:07. 12:26 pace! Wasn’t too painful, considering I felt a lot of dread about it. The warmup and cooldown jog helped, but boy did they make the workout take a long time; nearly 1:15 with some light stretching at the ‘start line’.

My right knee area, which has been bugging me since my track work Wednesday, turned out to be in good shape (thank you ice&ibuprofen). I started to get a hint of a shin splint around the 10min mark, but it let up before the half. My split was about 15 minutes for the first half, 16 for the second, so in the future I’ve got to take it a little bit easier out of the gate.

I didn’t wear the HRM for this run, instead opting to wear my new chronograph, a gift from Steph for finishing my 5k. I feel like I’ve learned a lot with the HRM, and will wear it for my distance runs on the weekend, but it’s also nice to have the chrono freeing me from math a little, and on a run like this where I know my target pace I’m confident I don’t need the direct feedback.


One response to “Pace Run Finished!

  1. It’s always a nice feeling hanging up the HRM and just running. Consider next time you wear it doing a little informal correlation of strides per breath to heart rate. That will help you understand how hard you’re working whenever you are running, whether you’re wearing your HRM or not. Plus, it’s dorky, and therefore good.

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