Crosstraining – Erg!

I haven’t been on an erg (a rowing machine) much since college, but I know how to use one (mostly) right, and I know it’s a good workout. So my plan is to use one for crosstraining every Thursday.

Last week the 2 ergs in my gym were taken, so I came to the gym only cautiously optimistic, and willing to wait if necessary. I found both unoccupied, so I started up.

Plan was to do a sort of intervals where I start at one minute of hard rowing, followed by a 1 minute easy rowing break, and build up to 5 minutes of hard rowing, still with 1 minute easy row after. Then back down. Kind of like a “step” interval for running.

It was hard, as I expected, but not nightmarish. My arms are a long way from the condition they were in when I had my year of crew in college, and pulling hard huuurt. Some of my middle ‘intervals’ it was tough just to keep moving, and I couldn’t pull hard all the way through.

Still, I made it through the whole routine, and I don’t feel too beat up today, so I’m already looking to go back.


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